About this site

About this site

One of the outputs from the CDP Resource research was a new way of attempting to explain the spectrum that CDPs fall on.

What it was:

Content based on the thoughts and experiences of Todd Belcher, coming from over three years of planning for, deploying, and nurturing customer data platform implementations.

What it will be:

A review of said content, plus more content, is on its way after another 4.25 years of additional thoughts and experiences to write about.

Note that I am currently employed by a provider of customer data platform software. I do not believe this impairs my ability to speak impartially on the category, and will not attempt to sell any products or services on this website. Note sponsorship opportunities below, however! These are not for sponsored content at all, just to support the content that was not produced in any way using LLM (just a disclaimer).

No ads, no tracking, no consent needed. Sign up for the newsletter down below, I won't bite.

Sponsorship opportunities

By all means, if there are non-CDP technologies or CDP agnostic firms looking for a niche audience, I will accept assistance with service fees. I'm looking at you, Ghost.